Production of calibrated strains

Regulation enforces you to perform microbiological control using your contamination strains, and master your micro-organisms of interest.
OUR SERVICES: custom production based on your strains and needs
  • Bacteria, yeast, moist,
  • Reference strains, plant or environmental strains, industrial or R&D strains
  • Precise and custom calibration,
  • Lyophilized or frozen format : storage at <-70°C, <-130°C or +5°C, Learn more about conservation
  • Each batch is provided with a proper conformity certificate,
  • Secured banking and stability follow-up.




  • FLEXIBILITY on volumes and concentrations
  • REACTIVITY for optimized production deadline
  • QUALITY or service : GMP compliance
  • EXPERTISE dedicated to micro-organisms production
  • PROXIMITY : Made in France.
Production de souches calibrées congelées
Production de souches calibrées en conditions BPF/GMP

You are:

R&D or Production laboratory


  • production of seed batches (MCB/WCB)
  • strain screening applications for your R&D workflow
  • Strains use for efficiency testing
  • Archive library of clinical samples strains

You are:

Quality Control laboratory


  • Fertility testing of culture media
  • Methods validation
  • disinfectants validation
  • challenge tests
  • etc.