Bactup is specialized in detection, analysis, conservation and production of microbial strains for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Cosmetics industries. Our mission: provide you with services adapted to your activity in microbiology, regarding relevant or contaminating strains.
Bactup possesses the necessary expertise to either control your microbial contamination, or expand your relevant strains value. Bactup offers analytical, production and consulting services. Our mission: provide support to your laboratories to gain flexibility and expertise.
The quality of our services is a solid combination of the following items:

  •  Expertise in microbiology
  • Robust knowledge of Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Cosmetics industries needs and expectations
  • GMP compliance (full traceability)
  • Adapted and performant equipment


Bactup is a medium size company administrated by Dr. Arnaud Carlotti.

Bactup provides a new way to manage microbial strains, allowing new quality procedures, for instance regarding management of sensitive environmental strains, or increasing the value of relevant strains.
Bactup’s team is composed of specialized technicians and scientists trained as microbiologists. We offer support to perform day-to-day microbiological quality control assays, to develop new methods or improve your processes, and also to assist you in results interpretation.

Bactup’s expertise also relies on its growing experience since launch in 2007: thousands of services performed for over two-hundred clients, ranging from major pharmaceutical companies to new biotechnology companies and leaders in cosmetics industries.

Bactup - personnel travaillant au bureau
Bactup - aperçu du laboratoire


Bactup uses cutting-edge equipment for the production and characterization of micro-organisms : :

  • Conservation equipment from +5°C to -150°C,
  • Vitek 2, Maldi biotyper, PCR-sequencing systems
  • Lyophilizer, specific incubators,
  • Etc.

Bactup’s has developed its expertise through its R&D department, specifically regarding characterization, production, and conservation of bacteria, yeasts and moist.

Technical abilities of Bactup’s staff are complemented with robust knowledge of Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Cosmetics industries needs and regulations.


Dr. Arnaud Carlotti, PhD, HDR