Identification and characterization
Control of your process depends on a thorough knowledge of your contaminating flora
OUR SERVICES: Identification and characterization of your micro-organisms

logo CORFAC1/ Identification using biochemical, proteomic and molecular methods:

  • Identification using PCR-sequencing :
  • Reference method for micro-organism identification. Gene or genome sequencing.
  • Rapid Microbiology Method: identification using mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF). Cutting-edge technique allowing fast and accurate identification. Custom database developed by Bactup.
  • Biochemical Identification: Vitek 2 robot. Technology used in many industrial sites, and used at Bactup as a complement technique to guarantee homogenous results for our clients.

2/ Characterization

  • Molecular typing: same species strain comparison, or genetic stability follow-up Used Methods: RFLP, MLST, RAPD, etc
  • Biochemical characterization
    • Antibiogram
    • Growth kinetic
    • Purity and viability
    • etc.




  • EXPERTISE: Bactup has developed its expertise on complex environmental germ identification and characterization
  • QUALITY: GMP compliance
  • REACTIVITY: short-time analysis
  • FLEXIBILITY of services.
Identification et caractérisation par Vitek 2
Identification et caractérisation par PCR
Identification et caractérisation par MALDi-TOF

You are :

R&D or Production laboratory


  • Extended characterization of industrial or R&D strains,
  • Stability of industrial strains
  • Relevant strain screening.

You are:

Quality Control laboratory


  • Knowledge and control of environmental flora
  • Same species strain filiation to identify the origin of contamination of your pharmaceutical or cosmetics products.