Secured banking
Conservation of micro-organisms is a fastidious and complex process for numerous microbial species
OUR SERVICES: Maintenance, secured and confidential conservation of your relevant strains .

1/ Depending on your needs, various storage conditions available :

  • Storage at <-70°C : Reliable storage for a long period.
  • Storage at <-130°C – Vaporous phase of liquid nitrogen : Guaranties the best storage conditions for extended periods.
  • Lyophilized storage : Allows conservation at +2/+8°C.



2/ Optimized conservation depending on the microbial strain:

Bactup uses its expertise in microbiology and strain management to develop the most efficient conservation techniques for your micro-organisms.


3/ Thorough stability follow-up:

  • Regular viability controls.
  • Control of physiological stability using biochemical, mass spectrometry and growth culture approaches.
  • Control of genetic stability using molecular typing techniques (MLST, RAPD, etc).


BACTUP assets:


  • SECURITY: technical and physical safeties of our equipment and installations: backup generator, alarms, backup equipment, etc.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY: master agreement, anonymous samples.
  • TRACABILITY: full metrology, Pharmaceutical GMPs compliance.
  • FLEXIBILITY of services.
  • EXPERTISE dedicated to the conservation of microbial strains (bacteria
Conservation sécurisée : stockage en azote liquide
Conservation sécurisée - lyophilisation
Conservation sécurisée - stockage en congélateurs -80°C

You are :

R&D or Production laboratory


  • Secure your R&D or industrial relevant strains
  • Cell banking outsourcing
  • Storage backup
  • Variety of conservation methods.

You are:

Quality Control laboratory


  • Archive your production or environmental flora
  • Cell banking outsourcing
  • Conservation for subsequent calibrated strain production
  • etc.