Support, consulting and training
Your activities require technical or scientific support. Bactup’s team of consultants is specialized in industrial Pharmaceutical and cosmetics microbiology.
OUR SERVICES: provide you with support to achieve your projects in microbiology.

Few examples of services we offer:

1/ Validation and qualification of microbiological processes :

  • Implementation of new methods in microbiology
  • Rapid Microbiology
  • Quality Assurance and microbiology
  • On site Method development and validation
  • Equipment qualification
  • Audits


2/ Management of industrial strains.

Regulatory authorities require the use of plant strains for method and culture media validation. Bactup helps you start your strain management system, depending on your needs :

  • Culture collection development,
  • Optimization of strain conservation,
  • etc.

Our consultant’s missions can last a few days to several months.




  • EXPERTISE: Bactup has expanded its expertise in industrial microbiology, especially regarding traditional techniques or rapid microbiology methods.
  • QUALITY: mastery of pharmaceutical and cosmetics standards.
  • REACTIVITY: immediate processing of customers requests.
  • FLEXIBILITY of services, depending on your needs (onsite service few days a week, custom training, etc.).
Accompagnement, formation et conseil - suport technique
Accompagnement, formation et conseil - support technique
Accompagnement, formation et conseil - formation en microbiologie

You are:

R&D or Production laboratory


  • R&D support for the development of new production processes using micro-organisms,
  • Support for microbiological control of micro-organisms production.

You are:

Quality Control laboratory


  • Setup of new methods in microbiology for quality control laboratories
  • Troubleshooting of contamination issues
  • Training of staff dedicated to microbiological control, or advanced microbiology course.